Welcome to Free Market Road Show II in Stockholm!

Free Market Road Show II Stockholm
Non intended consequences of regulations: what we have forgotten since 1989
Thursday June 10, 5 PM to 6 PM.

The webinar format gives us opportunity to have more seminars. With the collapse of socialism and the planned economy in 1989 in Eastern and Central Europe most politicians learned to embrace market economy. Today we see an increased confidence in government control. New EU-regulations aim to control companies and reduce owner control. What we have forgotten since 1989? Is there a threat against market economy? Is there a threat against democracy?

Key note speaker is Krassen Stanchev, Sofia University.

Also speaking are
Margareta Cederfelt, Member of Parliament and OSCE PA Vice-President
Nils Karlson, founding president and CEO of the Ratio Institute
Mats Kinnwall, chief economist at The Association of Swedish Engineering Industries

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Anders Ydstedt is the chairman of Svensk Tidskrift