Hong Kong’s Freedom Virus

There is not much Marxism left in China nowadays.
Communism has changed in many ways.
You can find private capitalists. And billionaires,                                                      
provided that they support the government.
There are also many signs of public opulence.
But behind, also private discontent.

One part of Marxism is unchanged.
Its fear for freedom.
Its contempt for ordinary people’s right to live as they want.

To say what they want.

This longing for freedom among Hong Kong’s citizens,
is a more dangerous virus than any other for the ruling party.
Because it is a part of every human being,

Thereby a hindrance for some people’s hunger for power over everybody.

Long live the spirit of freedom!
May the Hong Kong virus be spread over the whole world.
Let the tragic transform itself to the magic.

The collectivist character of the communist ideas –
may it give up                                
for the God given inner secret
of why human beings exist.